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Integrated Healing


In tantra the whole body is considered sacred, including the genitals. The sanskrit name for the female genital system is ‘yoni’, which means ‘sacred place’ or ‘cave of wonder’. The yoni is a mysterious and magnetic cavern of delights. A journey into the yoni can lead you to the centre of the universe. The yoni holds the potential for ecstasy, peace and even cosmic enlightenment.

However, many women sadly have developed a somewhat less than positive perspective on the yoni. Some women have grown to associate the yoni with shame, grief, pain, loss and fear. This negative, or even destructive relationship with the yoni can develop as a result of both external and internal circumstances; for example repeated negative sexual encounters, childhood abuse, rape and other wounding sexual experiences.

Women are bombarded from all sides with mixed messages related to sexuality. These erroneous and damaging ideas, often fed to us through the media, imply that sexually confident women are 'dangerous', the vagina is inherently 'dirty' (note the constant barrage of new products for 'sanitising and 'deodorising' the vagina), overt sexual behaviour is 'bad', and chaste humility is 'good'.

Just like any part of the body, the yoni can 'hold' any number of painful memories within its walls. The imprint of these wounds can be so strong that a woman will detach from her yoni, causing a numbness that inhibits her experience of pleasure completely. The yoni stops responding and is abandoned. It is a tragedy that so many potentially powerful and gloriously sexual goddesses have allowed themeslves to become shut down and repressed.

As a society we fail to teach our children what is normal and acceptable, both physically and emotionally. A woman expressing her sexuality in an overt way is called a 'slut', a celibate nun is deemed 'spiritual and religious'. These are limiting perceptions that cause much damage to women's self-esteem and confidence.

This planet needs a revolution. Not a political rally, nor another war. The planet needs an awakening – a 'remembering' of our divine right to experience pleasure. It's time for women to be healed, to become whole and loving and open. The sanskrit word "Shakti" means "feminine creative force". Shakti is the source of creativity and inspiration, the manifestation of unconditional acceptance. Shakti, when she is awake to her true nature heals, nurtures and loves from her heart centre.

Through yoni healing, a woman can re-awaken her feminine Goddess power. She can discover the profound wisdom hidden within this mystical cave. A woman can find her way home through yoni, dance the dance of life through yoni. The yoni is one of God's greatest gifts to humanity. Within the folds of the yoni lies a miraculous treasure - the clitoris, which comprises 3000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure and arousal.

It is the only organ in the human body existing solely for the purpose of experiencing pleasure! Our Sacred Place has much to teach us.

Yoni healing is a subtle and refined combination of massage, visualisation, dialogue and hands-on healing in a safe and nurturing environment. Some of the benefits reported after yoni healing are increased energy levels, greater self-esteem, healthy sexual liberation and a sense of 'oneness' with the world.


"The Yoni massage for me was the most healing and cleansing experience I've ever had. I never thought I had so much suffering stored in that area. There was a lot of shame and many locked up memories which really ran my sex life and in fact, my whole life. Kavida was so soft and gentle that I completely relaxed and trusted the process. The results are oustanding, I now feel completely clean and gorgeous in and out, freed up and more womanly than ever!"

OP, Hertfordshire

"From the outset, Kavida was relaxed and clear, and she really listened to me. I surrendered to the process and was taken, with great compassion and understanding, on a journey back into my teenage experiences with love and sex. I knew that with her I could be utterly myself. She helped me to let go deeply, dissolving hardness, withdrawal and resistance. She was soft and completely appropriate and respectful"

Afterwards I felt freed up and connected throughout my body and old internal pain had gone."

GPR, Hertfordshire