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Tantra Therapies

Women’s Healing Work.

- Discover your true goddess nature
- Release anxiety and depression
- Heal past sexual wounds
- Attune to the natural flow of your sexual energy
- Clear all issues related to frigidity
- Transform your relationship to sex
- Experience your vitality and joy

I will help you to access true feminine strength and step into your goddess power. In the magical space we create together you will be able to  relax into your female sexual, life-force energy, moving beyond any fears and doubts to joy and ecstasy.

Free yourself from limiting habits and beliefs. Learn true acceptance. Experience your vitality and joy. Discover the source of your well-being. I will guide you lovingly and sensitively on a physical and emotional journey, finally discovering what it really means to be female.

Conventional sex therapists can be clinical and detached. What I offer is hands-on, tantric sexual healing, informed from the heart. With compassion, understanding and deep intuitive guidance, I will help you clear the suffocating residue of negative or traumatic sexual experiences from the past. 

Celebrate your feminine essence and fall in love with your body again. Detach from the inner critic who voices all those negative thoughts about not being beautiful/pliant/thin enough.... Discover the secret of how to live a guilt-free life.

I also offer yoni healing as part of my sessions. This treatment has a  different focus than yoni massage or ‘pleasuring’. The main purpose of yoni healing is exactly that – healing! After this type of session I can recommend other practitioners who offer high quality tantric massage for pleasuring and erotic expansion. Read more about this effective and empowering healing...

“It is time for the re-emergence of the Goddess!”    Kavida Rei

 Every session is attuned to the individual needs of each client.

"For some years I intuitively knew I wanted to go down and explore the sacred path of Tantra, not fully knowing why, but just knew I had to!  A few people/courses crossed my path, but nothing felt right, so never considered pursuing any.  I heard of Kavida, I connected instantly.

Ten minutes into the session all fears and inhibition fell to the ground (along with my clothes). I stepped into her safe and trusting space that she had created.  She intuitively knew exactly what I needed to get be back in touch with, that part of me that I decided to disconnect with for many years. 

It was through her unconditional love and the process of reconnecting me back with my truth, I now have the potential to express myself fully in the way that is my birthright. She offered me her gift, a gift that I will always be grateful for.

If you feel there is a part of you (or you and your partner) that has been missing and you would like to reconnect back to it again – I wholeheartedly recommend Kavida to help you find it again. "  Lucille White

"Kavida's kind and loving nature instantly put me at ease. She attuned quickly to me and the moment and confidently delivered exactly what was needed without me having to say a word - sheer bliss! Would recommend to any who wish to work with their senses." Angela Delglyn