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Integrated Healing

Kavida Rei I.T.E.C. Dip I.R.C
Qualified counsellor, therapeutic bodyworker and tantric sex therapist

Kavida works with individuals and couples, helping to open the channels of communication, self-expression and creativity.

Passionate about love relationships, Kavida is an expert tantric sex therapist, experienced in supporting couples through any issues that may arise, in order for them to find harmony,  love, joy and a sense of inner freedom within their partnership. 

Kavida is also committed to helping people realise their true creative potential and supports her clients in manifesting the life they really want.

Kavida’s sessions are empowering, profoundly healing, enlightening and fun.


Kavida Rei (I.T.E.C. Dip.I.R.C.) is an experienced and empathic practitioner who combines various therapeutic methods and modalities, creating a unique and complete approach to healing.

Kavida trained for many years in counselling, massage, healing work, emotional release bodywork, and Tantra in great depth. She has considerable professional experience in working with both individuals and couples.

Kavida Rei holds diplomas for both massage and counselling.

Kavida has studied tantra with Mahasatvaa Sarita in the School of Awakening since 1998 and completed a four year couples training in 2006


“For me, one of the most exciting things about my work  is when I witness a person wake up to the power of their own sexual energy...that point when they discover how to utilise it in the right way. Time and time again I see clients take this potent energy into every area of their lives, bringing transformation, success and deep, lasting happiness” KR



Working with individuals      

- Counselling for men
- Tantric healing for women
- Four hands massage

Working with couples

- Relationship counselling
- Tantric sex therapy
- Erotic massage tuition


- BDSM and tantra – discover the liberating and healing power of this powerful combination


Women’s Healing Work.

- Discover your true goddess nature
- Release anxiety and depression
- Heal past sexual wounds
- Attune to the natural flow of your sexual energy
- Clear all issues related to frigidity
- Transform your relationship to sex
- Experience your vitality and joy

I will help you to access true feminine strength and step into your goddess power. In the magical space we create together you will be able to  relax into your female sexual, life-force energy, moving beyond any fears and doubts to joy and ecstasy.

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Counselling for Men

- Become more sexally self-confident
- Heal past relationship wounds
- Learn how to fall in love without losing yourself
- Learn more effective ways of getting your needs met in relationship and in life generally.
- Free yourself from guilt
- Learn how to use your sexual energy to manifest success

This is a unique form of sex counselling for men.
Kavida has worked with men for nearly twenty years and is expert in creating a space in which they can dive deep, exploring their full, masculine potential. 

“My heart leapt as I entered Kavidas world of fun, sensitivity and acceptance. She is a special spirit, full of love, affection and a deep understanding of how the sensual soul works. She uses that knowledge and her intuition as an alchemist transmuting the energy into feelings of great joy and love. As you can tell I was on cloud nine when I left and still am, when I think of my hour with her, it was a unique experience.” Nigel Ragg

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Couples Sessions

- Transform your relationship
- Clear blockages to intimacy
- Create more fun in your life together
- Discover the power of tantric meditation
- Learn the art of erotic massage
- Bring harmony to the partnership through conscious breathing practices.

In these sessions I teach methods for better communication and deeper intimacy between partners. We also focus on empowering personal creativity within the relationship.



- Learn true power through the act of submission
- Learn to love passionately by taking the dominant role
- Explore the healing and therapeutic power of ‘switching’
- Learn the fine art of rope bondage work
- Discover the joy of spanking
- Find spiritual bliss through sensory deprivation.

Take a risk, dropping any prejudices and preconceived ideas and dive into the darkside of tantra, exploring the underworld of bondage, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. Open to the magical and mystical inherent in co nscious BDSM

Introduce the spiritual aspect of tantra into your BDSM play and expand your capacity for love, connection and bliss.

"We were amazed how much we learned about BDSM in your session and how much fun we had together" - Mary and Peter


Four hands massage

- Empty the mind completely
- Relax and rejuvenate
- Feel aches disappear
- Immerse yourself in the healing sensual energy of a practising tantric couple
- Enter a deep, meditative state – without effort.
- Receive unconditional love and encounter true bliss in a safe and supportive environment.

Kavida and Roland are qualified and highly experienced in tantric massage and energy work. Give this unique and exciting experience as a gift for yourself, your love partner, or for you both together. 

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Counselling for men - £120 per hour
Healing for women - £100 per hour
Couples relationship or tantra sessions - £160 per hour
Four hands massage - £180 per hour
Four hands massage for couples - £180 per hour

or email to kavida@kavidarei.com

Please note that we book sessions well in advance and that there is a cancellation policy: Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before time are charged in full.