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Tantra Therapies

Kavida two girl tantric naked massage
Tantric Massage

Kavida is the author of the best-selling 'Ultimate Erotic Massage' published by Dorling Kindersley. She doesn't just write about it - she also gives an unforgettable tantric massage!

This is naturist massage offered in a temple space of devotion and connection. Be prepared to experience your body in a completely new way. Fall in love with yourself and the world.

You will leave this massage feeling relaxed, invigorated and rejuvenated. This intimate encounter with your body, heart and soul will have a positive impact on your relationship with others too,

Change your life in one session!
Kavida also offers sex and relationship counselling and guidance as well as coaching in all areas of your life…see 'therapies'.

Multiple-Hands Tantric Massage

- Empty the mind of fear and judgement
- Relax and rejuvenate
- Feel aches and pains evaporate
- Immerse yourself in the healing energy of a practising tantric couple of any sex
- Enter a deep, meditative state – without effort.
- Receive unconditional love and encounter true bliss in a safe and supportive environment.

Know that this is the outer gateway to a realm of pure pleasure, deep and exquisite.
Kavida and her goddess partner are qualified and highly experienced in naturist tantric massage together with energy work.

Kavida and her tantrika friends (both male and female) offer naturist tantric massage that is utterly opening, beautiful, intensely healing, sensual, relaxing, and completely magical in the highest senses.

Then there are our tantric gatherings, weekends, and travel openings. 

You have landed on a magical gateway to a whole new life of love and pleasure - email Kavida in the first instance but make sure you make a good impression...

It is said that men are constantly tested by the tantrikas - and this is true.
Women on the other hand, seem to just know that they have somehow arrived 'home' - and this is also true.

We can teach tantric touch and conscious energy massage.

Give this unique and exciting experience as a gift for yourself and/or your partner.

Write to Kavida here: kavida@kavidarei.com


“For a truly sensual experience, take a trip to Kavida, where you will find her warm, soft and welcoming hands that are ready to pleasure you completely.
I spent nearly two hours this afternoon lying on a massage table, listening to soft and tender music, breathing in the mixed scents of oils and having every inch of my body feathered, rubbed, kneaded, stroked, caressed and held by this delicious tantric couple.
My experience of massage in the past has mostly been good but I have always left feeling that parts of me were ignored, rejected, hidden away and unloved. This experience was an holistic one – every curve and nook was blessed with a tender touch. If you really want to celebrate your inner God or Goddess, there is no better way than this“.  ~ Rowena Ronson (homeopath)

"This was an incredible massage experience. Kavida and her tantric lover worked together in a way that i had no idea whos hands were where. Every part of my body felt completely held and loved and i was able to totally open up and receive pleasure beyond words. Having the gentle and understanding touch of two beautiful women massage me at the same time was so incredibly healing and nurturing. My body was so relaxed and open i could barely move for quite some time afterwards!"  ~ Nidhana