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Sensual Awakening

by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita Ph.D

When we are flowing and alive in our sensuality, the whole world appears luminous and we have a smile on our lips for the people we meet. We move into a space of overflowing energy. Energy, by its very nature is delight. You may have had the experience of having had a really superb night of sex with a lover, and then becoming aware, of how the next day, you are as if floating on air. Your steps become buoyant, you feel abundant and generous, you want to kiss the world. The whole of nature appears to be sparkling and even normally mundane jobs become light and playful.

The fact that this happens at all simply proves that this state of being, this natural high, is available. Being naturally high is part of the body’s resources, which can be accessed at any time. This ‘high’ gets woken up by good sex, but is not dependent on sex in order to happen. Another example of this overflowing state of being is with children. Children, when very young are magnetically attractive, simply because they are on a natural high, in tune with existence and floating in a sea of love.

Still another example is that of animals. When you look into the eyes of a cat or dog you may see the quality of joy or peace, which awakens the same quality in you. Pets can teach us how to enter into a relaxed and easy state of being. As individuals, we can learn how to awaken our dormant sensual aliveness so that it becomes a constant bubbling up of joy and fulfilment. We can become orgasmic and in love with life on an ongoing basis. The way to activate this is to allow ourselves to be really sensual. Let orgasmic, sexual energy spread all over the body, and into each action of life. When watering the garden, become one with it. Dance with the trees swaying in the breeze. Become the warmth of the sun kissing the flowers. Become the bee, drinking nectar. Become the butterfly. Savour the smell of the rich earth. Fall in tune with all of nature and dance with it.
When taking food, bring awareness to it. Sense the origin of this food. Feel the journey it has taken to reach your plate. Taste each bite. Sense how it moves into your body and how it is being digested and absorbed. Listen to your body as the food is taken in. Is your body happy and delighted with your choice or miserable? In this way we learn to love and respect the tremendous harmony of body functions and to treat the body with the utmost care. Your body will return this caring attitude by reverberating with pleasure, like a cat purring in the sun. When sitting silently anywhere, for example on a beach, or on a bus, just bring awareness to your breath. Let the breath activate pleasure all over the body. In a natural flowing state the simple act of breathing brings a constant inner massage which is very pleasurable. Breath is life, so within it is contained all the secrets of how to be fully vibrant, ecstatic.

We were born to dance. The body loves joyous exercise. The lymph flow in the body cannot move unless it is activated by physical activity.The best forms of physical activity are those which bring a lot of pleasure, such as walking in nature, swimming in the sea, dancing etc.

Freeform dance is an easily accessible way to free inhibitions, open the flow of vital energy and enter into inner ecstasy. Give yourself the gift of joyous exercise and you will soon find that you are naturally orgasmic a great deal of the time.

Touch is an essential ingredient in the awakening of sensual pleasure. The skin is an organ in itself, and how you treat it will have a great impact on how you experience the world. Hugging and cuddling is one of the best ways to activate pleasure and well being. People can learn to hug more as a natural form of greeting others. The art of hugging is to really feel and be present with the person you are with. Breathe together for a few moments and really allow your whole body to be in contact with the other. People are very afraid of hugging because in many cultures it has sexual connotations. However, this is an attitude, which can easily change. It is actually a very natural and deeply needed expression in all phases of life.

The quality contained in orgasm, which is an ecstatic let go into a space beyond time and mind can be applied to everyday life as well. When you laugh a great belly laugh, it has an orgasmic quality in it. This totality of expression can be brought into many areas. Just try drinking a cup of tea in an orgasmic way. Dance naked under the full moon, making love with the moon and stars. Experiment with bringing that quality of celebrative and total let go into all kinds of areas of your life and discover how the world mirrors it back to you. For it is how you as an individual are inside, that is reflected back to you from the outside.

Sensitivity means both your response to stimulation of the senses, and a heightened awareness of yourself and others in personal relationships. When your sensitivity is awakened, your experience of life is enhanced in all dimensions. Through your senses you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world around you. And also through your senses you can enter into a subjective experience of happiness and orgasmic pleasure. If your senses

become dull, you are more likely to become sad and depressed. As you enhance your sensitivity, you discover spontaneous delight, your inner and outer world sparkle with aliveness.

Each sense organ functions like a swing door. In one direction it opens to physical pleasure or pain, while in the other, it opens to an expansion of the soul and spiritual awareness. The more you expand your sensory awareness, the greater is your spiritual awakening.

In love play with or without your partner, focusing on the different senses can expand your capacity for sensual awakening, both physical and spiritual. In this way you enhance your total life experience to its maximum potential. Each sense can give pain or pleasure. Many people deaden their senses in response to traumatic experiences or conditioning that inspire fear of being truly alive.

The message from the body and soul is: Fulfilment is possible if we are willing to open up and expand our sensitivity on all levels. Our natural state of being is bliss. Allowing an expansion of sensory awareness will lead you slowly but surely toward a life where even a simple act such as breathing becomes ecstatic.