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Here is a list of tantra schools offering trainings and workshops in intimacy, communication skills, meditation, sexuality and relationships.


You will find information on tantra courses, weekend workshops, etc.

Tantric Massage

Obviously the very best is Kavida and Roland's four-hands Tantric Massage, which is a mind-blowing, healing, naturist voyage of self-discovery and takes you deep into the heart of pure Tantra.
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But we do get busy and it's good to try many ways in tantra, so...

The International Institute of Tantra at The London Tantric Temple is a spiritual haven nestled in the heart of London. We are a global organization aiming to bring Tantra to the mainstream and change to the way people view sexuality. They offer 121 bespoke private training that teaches males, females and couples to become better lovers, including Sexual Techniques that improve people's love lives, to help them have deeper more cherished relationships, which in turn leads to happiness and mental well being. They also offer counselling and Tantric life coaching along with a wide range of Tantric Massage treatments varying from Erotic Tantric Massage to Healing Tantric Massage and pamper journeys for the stressed or for those seeking a unique experience. 'Entwining the Spiritual with the Sexual'.
Call :0778 430 9637

Nidhana offers tantric massage and assists men and women in the journey of self discovery, personal healing and heart-centred sexuality. Nidhana also runs divine feminine workshops for women to explore their true nature, healing issues around the body and femininity.

Shivoham offers insightful tantric psychotherapy and healing, tantric massage. This therapist and tantra teacher has 25 years of experience.

Catherine offers tantric massage and psycho-sexual healing to men and women. She is also training in osteopathy and uses many different healing modalities in her practice.

Social Gatherings

For beautiful evenings of dancing, tantric games, light massage and generaly partying with beautiful, open hearted people in London, look no further than Kavida's Sensual Soirees..

Every month in Covent Garden we play tantric games, dance to the best music, massage time, and much more including our legendary blindfolded feeding game with raw-chocolate dessert and exotic fruit - you know you want to be there, so are you up for it?!
For more details click on Sensual Soirees.

Relationship expert, Jan Day invites singles to
join her for a fun, warm day that promises an alternative to speed-dating and
the internet. Bi-monthly and gender-balanced - Meetings without masks

Essential Oils

For therapeutic grade essential oils look no further than the fabulous site of
www.scentsofwell-being.com. You will find a wide selection of high quality products for massage, aromatherapy and general health and wellbeing.


Relationship issues: intimacy, loving, communication. Private sessions and workshops www.intimacyworks.com