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Kavida Rei IS tantric Sex

This is genuine tantric massage, offered by a skilled and knowledgeable tantrika.

An amazing experience which is all at once exciting, sensual,
and deeply relaxing

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Sex & relationship counselling with Kavida Rei (Dip IRC)

With many years of experience in helping people find their way to health, happiness,
love and freedom,
I would be honoured to guide you in exploring your inner world and making positive changes in your life

                                                          Rei ~ tantric
                                                          tantric loveSpend the day with Kavida Rei
author of 'Tantric Sex' and 'Ultimate Erotic Massage'

Transform your life with the powerful techniques of tantra. Kavida will take you right to the heart of tantra…you'll never be the same again!

Total immersion in tantra for one whole day with a true tantrika
is the fast track to enlightenment
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Kavida: I love teaching tantra and the path of pleasure to singles, couples and groups.

Using a combination of talking, hands-on healing and truly empathic understanding, I am your tantric guide as you open to love

Tantric touch deeply heals the heart while taking the body into uncharted realms of ecstatic awakening.

For couples, if you are looking to improve your intimate relationships, I can help you both reach a place of positivity, re-igniting the passion that brought you together. And if you’re looking to find someone to have a relationship with,
I can also help you!

My work is effective, all-embracing and most importantly, fun. I love what I do ..and you will too.
Call to book a tantra session and begin to transform your life into pleasure, fulfillment, and understanding

"Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces all and excludes nothing. Discover the true source of your creativity. Let music, celebration, meditation and sensuality guide you to a state of harmony with yourself and others.You are the creator of your own world - bring awareness to each moment of your life and make every day worth living."

Sensual Soirees are tantra
                                  parties with heart and love

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"Tantra is an oasis in the modern world"
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