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Taking Care of Mind Body and Soul

It is a well-known fact that life is speeding up, and we find ourselves rushing from morning until night in the attempt to achieve more in each day. The human body needs regular care and love but oftentimes we are forced to pay more attention to our health only if we begin to manifest symptoms that interfere with our comfort or productivity. As we move through our daily life we generally ignore the more subtle aspects of our bodies, hoping we’ll just stay healthy enough to ‘get by’.

The happiest people I know are those that give at least some attention to the condition of their bodies on a regular basis. They commit to some kind of daily exercise, give conscious thought to what they eat and drink, and make sure they sleep well and with regularity. All of those aspects of physical maintenance tie together in an efficient system. The more you exercise – the better you’ll sleep. The less tired you are - the more consciously you’ll eat. The better you eat – the more you’ll feel like exercising, and so on and so forth. As you take on board all three aspects – diet, exercise and rest, your life will begin to improve in many different areas. The relationships you have with your family, friends and work-colleagues will certainly benefit, your productivity at work will improve and you will be building a positive foundation on top of which you will find it easier to create the physical manifestation of your dreams and desires.

Practising tantra is a wonderful way to get fitter, but of course the healthier and stronger you are, the more you’ll enjoy, and benefit from tantric meditations. On this website I am humbly offering some simple suggestions to help you get on track with a more creative, fun and healthy lifestyle to support you on your tantric path. I want to assure you that I am not a fitness freak nor a compulsive wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, ingredient-free fanatic.
If I sing the praises of raw food, that doesn’t mean that I’m a born-again ‘Raw Foodist’. What it means is that I have experienced the wonder of eating raw food for a significant period of time and can vouch for the undeniable benefits.

Enlightened yogis and shamans have been known to eat or drink poison that would ordinarily kill another human being, yet it passes straight through their bodies without harming them in any way. Don’t try this at home, but just bear it in mind next time you’re feeling guilty in a gourmet restaurant!

The one thing we should forbid ourselves to indulge in is guilt - which serves no purpose and helps nobody. Becoming more conscious through practising tantra has helped many people I know free themselves from this debilitating emotion. Speaking for myself, when I return to my daily routine, after a gastronomically-indulgent holiday I feel positive about my time away and that helps to guide me back easily into a more balanced eating regime. Brown rice and vegetables certainly taste delicious when you’ve spent a week consuming croissants, crepes and cheese!

hrough practising tantra we constantly clear away emotional and psychological debris so that we can access a natural freeflow of joyous gratitude. Tantric meditations bring clarity and awareness to issues which may hold us back from living life in an expanded way. Love, sex, music, work, family, artistic projects – bringing these aspects of life into the fore and making them a priority is the key to creating heaven on earth. As the Dalai Lama so wisely says, “The purpose of life is to be happy”. Don’t deny yourself the things that bring you a deep, fulfilling happiness – dancing, swimming, massage, skiing, making love, painting... it doesn’t matter what it is, but find those activities that generate a subtle vibration of ecstasy in your body. This blissful state is our birthright and the more we surrender to the vibration of bliss, the more we resonate with cosmic, life-force energy - the ‘glue’ that holds the universe together. We’re human of course, and regularly forget that we’re ‘one’ with the world around us...

Although it may sound grandiose, I truly believe that through forging our own path to wholeness and happiness we are contributing to the healing of the entire universe. Shift your perspective. Become a Well-being Warrior. Make smart choices about how you spend your time and give yourself the gift of health and happiness - you’ll be doing your bit to save the earth!