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      Kavida Rei embodies tantric sex that is pure love

Welcome to my world.
It's been a while since you heard from me. Ro and I have been surfing the waves of change that have been rolling wildly since November 2011.
March 16th is the last of the Pluto-Uranus conjunctions – sweeping shifts on a karmic level!
Now we are looking forward to a time of assimilation and a true celebration of all we've become.

I'm going to be busy up until the summer finishing my third book – 'Wild Tantric Sex'. The book is fun to write – sexy and educational (certainly for me, and all the lucky readers).

In the meantime, although we're taking a sabbatical from running groups and Soirees, Ro and I are still offering private sessions in the London and Hertfordshire area.

 Kavida & Roland are lovers of life and love  

   * The best tantric massage in the world…either individual or four-hands.

   * Profound Healing sessions – physical and emotional tantric healing.

   * Counselling and guidance on how to bring positive change into your life

   * Tantric BDSM – experience and even learn the art of rope bondage.
   * BDSM is the ultimate power instrument in the tantric toolkit.

    Click www.kavidarei.com for more details

We're excited to announce that we're teaching at the 2nd International Tantra Festival in Ibiza in Sept/Oct this year.
Please join us there for sun, sand, sea and tantric ecstasy.
Watch the video on the home page – it's fabulous.
When you book, do say you've come through us!

SHH WOMEN'S WORKSHOPS – starting next week in London.
I'm happy to share these wonderful workshops with you.
I work at the Shh (Sensual-Healing-Harmony) women's retreats so I've experienced first-hand the extraordinary calibre of facilitators and therapists
that offer their skills and wisdom through Shh. I can guarantee you'll have an enriching, expanding and enlightening time.

                 Kavida Rei and Shh retreats in patnership

Happy to see you there ~ with love, Kavida x

kavidarei.com | tantrateachers.co.uk | sensual-soirees.com

                                                                              Kavida Rei - Tantric Sex Goddess
                                                                                    Kavida's sultry August Newsletter!
Kavida and Roland are living Tantric Sex
It has been a wonderful summer so far, complete with a well earned holiday abroad, where we met up with tantric friends and generally soaked up the sun.
Our plan now is follow the sun and stay bronzed all year round.

After returning from our tour de France, we offered four-hands massage in our tantra-tent at Give! Festival, which was received extremely well. Give! was followed by five incredible days at Secret Garden Party. My sons both DJ'd together on the opening night - most definitely the proudest moment of my life.

We have several and retreats lined up for the Autumn, and look forward to seeing you at one, if not more...

Couples Getaway Weekend in October

Over this last year we have facilitated two delicious couples weekends at Fairfield House in Somerset. We take only five couples on these amazing weekends, and because of the intimacy of the group we are able to offer a vast array of tantra teachings in a totally supportive environment. The weekend is designed so that each couple can participate as much or as little as they feel comfortable. There is safety, respect, and confidentiality, and most importantly the weekend is a LOT of fun.

Our next weekend is October 3rd - 5th and costs only £690 per couple, including ALL gourmet meals and spa use.
It's the best value 'couples weekend away'  out there.

I've written a blog about one of our weekends here...  kavidarei.blogspot.com

The article also focuses on my approach to working with couples. It'll take about ten minutes but is well worth reading all the way through because, as with all my blogs, it gets seriously sexy towards the end! 

Enjoy the read, then email kavida@kavidarei.com to book for our upcoming couples weekend where you will have the time of your lives and rediscover why you fell in love in the first place!
"Thank you both so much for a wonderful, experiential weekend of great learning and fun. You packed such a lot in and Neil and I definitely have a few more tools to work with. It feels like we went on an adventure together with each other, and with everyone in the group. I feel that the weekend has deepened our relationship and has also deepened my relationship with myself" Juliet

Kavida and Roland teach Tantric SexSoiree for young people - September 26th

At Secret Garden Party I was surrounded by thousands of young people who were confident, sexy, awake, sensual and open. It got me thinking - where can younger people go to learn tantra?  The only sex and relationship education most people get is from bad porn.  What kind of start to a love life is that?!

We can't expect these kids to participate in tantra workshops alongside folk who are 20, 30, 40 years older than they are. So I had a brain~wave! Train young people to teach tantra to their own age group. To this end, we are offering a specially designed Sensual Soiree on Friday September 26th for singles and couples between the ages of 19-29.

This will be the first young people's tantra group in England. There will be no nudity (unless individuals choose it for the massage structure). They will learn about conscious touch, communication, boundaries, the art of receiving and giving, learning how to surrender….and much more. There will be dancing, the famous dessert meditation, massage - all the good things which have made the soirees legendary and have held London for the last five years.

From that group we will choose a handful of people and train them up as teachers. I believe they will 'get it' faster than our generation has - they are less encumbered by the limitations we inherited. We have created a secret Facebook page called Yantra. Please tell any young people you know about it!

October Sensual Soiree
After October we have no more of our famous Sensual Soiree dates booked, so make sure you are at ths one!!
We've been running the soirees for five years now and they have become a regular event in the London calendar.

We have quite a community - gorgeous, conscious people who really know how to party to the max.
You can email me for more details - kavida@sensual-soirees.com

"Thanks for the wonderful soiree you put on last week. I really enjoyed myself and felt extremely open in the secure environment, with supportive like-minded people."  M.C. London

"Thanks so much again for the great, fun, and inspiring evening. It was a liberating feeling to be with such free people." N.M. London

Personal Tantra & Bodywork Sessions

Always on offer are our private sessions, custom designed for couples and individuals in tantra, erotic massage, tantric bdsm, and sex counselling.
We are working together around the London area, including Kings Langley and Surbiton.
To read more about our work click here, and email me to book ~ kavida@kavidarei.com

Testimonials ~ what people said...
Look, if you haven't yet been to one of our events, then this is the sort of email we get after them - it might give you some idea of the effect they have on your life. They sound a little over the top really, but hey... :-)

"Words cannot describe the Beauty and Bliss of this evening... All my life I had a secret dream: I dreamt of a world where people could connect in such a deep, beautiful way and have the freedom to do so without being judged or crictisised - I didn't know such a world actually existed!  On my train journey back tonight it suddenly dawned on me that not only has my dream come true, it's actually becoming a new way of life for me!  I can feel myself transform day by day into becoming who I always wanted to be...
You both are the greatest inspiration the Universe has ever blessed me with and I cannot thank you enough... I can't describe the feeling of liberation and gratitude, and I can genuinely say that in the last couple of months I have lived the happiest and most blissful moments of my life!"
Maria Gatinho

"Thanks once again for awe-inspiring evening. Such magical moments, I love the way you bring light-hearted energy to such a deeply sensuous evening. I cannot properly express how awesome the massage I received was. I was carried home by this floating ball of energy in the centre of my being that just pulsed with delight as waves of smiles and "wows" washed over me. I'm overflowing with words here, but the main one is gratitude for having been invited to explore the heart and senses with such a beautiful group of people in such an amazingly luscious and delectable way!"  Guilio

Make the most of the glorious weather. See you at one of our events soon!

All my love,

Kavida x

.S. Don't forget to 'Like' my page on Facebook :-)
  and contact me here:  email: kavida@kavidarei.com
                                                                                  Kavida and Roland love you ~ yes, you!!

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Kavida Rei - Tantric Sex Goddess
                                           Kavida's Bite-size Spring Newsletter!
Kavida and Roland are living Tantric Sex
Ro and I are on tour in the west country, enjoying the sunshine and the spring eruption of nature in all it's glory.

We wanted to let you know about two important events coming up and are sending out a shorter newsletter here so that you don't miss out…

Couples in June Getaway Weekend

We led a fabulous couples retreat at Fairfield House in Somerset over the Valentines weekend and I've written a blog about what we got up to there.  kavidarei.blogspot.com

The article also focuses on my approach to working with couples. It'll take about ten minutes but is well worth reading all the way through because, as with all my blogs, it gets seriously sexy towards the end! 

Enjoy the read, then get in touch to book for our upcoming couples weekend (June 6-8) where you will have the time of your lives.
"Just to say wow, what an amazing weekend, we absolutely loved it. Thank you from our hearts, with love," Chris and Sarah

Kavida and Roland teach Tantric Sex
Sensual Soiree next Friday!  - April 25th.
Astrologically this is a powerful week, with the Grand Cardinal Cross generating the universal shift in consciousness. Come and celebrate with us on Friday in Covent Garden at one of our famous Sensual Soirees. We've been running the soirees for four years now and they have become a regular event in the London calendar.

We have quite a community now - gorgeous, conscious people who really know how to party to the max. Please email for more details - kavida@sensual-soirees.com

"Thanks for the wonderful soiree you put on last week. I really enjoyed myself and felt extremely open in the secure environment, with supportive like-minded people."  M.C. London

"Thanks so much again for the great, fun, and inspiring evening. It was a liberating feeling to be with such free people." N.M. London

Private Tantra Sessions

Ro and I are doing wonderful work with individuals and couples. The public's perception of tantra is sadly limited due to the media's general fixation on sex. Tantra is, in fact, a science that encompasses every area of living and is the most effective tool for transformation on the planet right now. Work with us and you will see radical changes in your life.

Enhance your physical and psychological wellbeing, your relationships and your creative flow in one or two sessions.

"Since I’ve met you two I’ve been on such an exciting learning curve!"  H.R. Surrey
"I just wanted to thank you so much for the tantra session.  It was the most amazing experience.  As I said this morning, after at least ten years of searching for my purpose - above and beyond that of being a mother - I feel as though all the pieces of the jigsaw are just dropping into place and that tantra is my pathway."  Susan, Suffolk.

Make the most of the glorious weather. See you at one of our events soon!

All my love,

Kavida x

.S. Don't forget to 'Like' my page on Facebook :-)
  and contact me here:  email: kavida@kavidarei.com
                                                                                  Kavida and Roland love you ~ yes, you!!

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Kavida Rei - Tantric Sex Goddess
                                                                              Warmest greetings everyone!
Kavida and Roland are living Tantric Sex
Shortly after I last sent out a newsletter to you, Roland and I jumped off the edge of the cliff...into adventures beyond our wildest dreams.

In between travelling, visiting friends, performing tantric magick far and wide and manifesting a glorious new home, we haven't been able to allocate much writing time.

It's been wonderful spending quality time with people we love and enjoy. We have set in motion the creation of our healing tantric spa where love can flow.
Recently we have met many skilled and inventive people who want to be part of bringing this 'dream' into reality.

During the long, hot summer we danced, massaged and hugged our way through some wonderful festivals, spending a record six days at the incredible Secret Garden Party, the longest we've stayed anywhere in a year!

At last there is a slight easing of the pace (although Ro might not necessarily agree!) and I am able to share with you a little about what we've been up to professionally and let you know about a few exciting events we're offering in the upcoming year...

Kavida and Roland teach Tantric Sex
Evolution of the legendary Sensual Soirees

In June we hosted our last official Soiree in London. The successful, four year run (40 soirees in total) culminated in setting the world record for multi-handed massage where we managed to get 80 hands on my naked body – read all about it in my ever wild, true-life blog... kavidarei.blogspot.co.uk

Obviously we weren't allowed to retire from running events altogether, so we decided to refine our Dark Latihan nights, which we had held on occasion in previous years.

So we have created a phenomenal group experience, for couples and singles both. We will be offering the Dark Latihan every month or so in Covent Garden. This is an advanced level group and everyone is vetted via the process of a private session with Ro and I (see below)

You can read more about it here...  Dark Latihan

Valentines Couples Retreat ~ 14th-16th February 2014

Kavida brings lovers together to love
From Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of February we are hosting a fun and delicious weekend for couples in Somerset. The retreat will be held at the lovely Fairfield House and will be catered by the owner, Shruti who is a talented vegetarian chef.

This weekend will be a gateway to a magical garden of delights where you will find yourself opening to a deeper, mystical and conscious connection with your partner.

Ro and I will also be celebrating our anniversary. We met at an earlier retreat, five years ago to the day!

There's only room for six couples and it's half full already, so if your desire is to
celebrate Valentines day in an intimate and heart opening way, then book now!

See.... kavidarei.com/valentines 2014 for more details.

Kavida and Roland ~ World-class Tantra

Teaching Tantra

Osho Leela's tantra festivals are famous now and by all accounts, they are a lot of fun. Many top tantra facilitators from all over the world are asked to present there and we are honoured to be invited to teach as part of the team this coming February.

This festival is good for beginners as well as advanced students, so please come along and dive deep into tantra.

See... Festival of Tantra to apply.

Private Sessions

Ro and I offer extraordinary sessions of tantra initiations, tantric massage, healing, counselling and much, much more.

Our work is profound and life-changing. If you want to liberate yourself and become fully engaged in the New Aeon in a powerful way then a session with us is a must.

We work mainly in London, but have been known to travel when the circumstances are right. We also offer skype sessions. Our area of expertise is sexuality, relationships, and tantric consciousness.

Kavida Rei ~ Tantric Sex Musick

Kavida Rei Music ~ ecstasy for the whole body

A few years ago, my friend Jon Hall and I composed and recorded a 40 minute piece of music called Tantric Journey. We've finally got around to uploading it on to Soundcloud, so you can hear it for free.

This amazing music can be used for all kinds of ceremonies, rituals, meditations, especially tantric sex meditations, so go for it.

Enjoy!   Soundcloud: Tantric Goddess

...and please do let me know about any wild, cosmic experiences you had while listening to it...

Kavida & Roland - Naked Freedom Spa

I think that's enough for now. I could go on and on (ask anyone who knows me) but I'll end by saying that I sincerely hope to see you in person very soon at one of our events or in our private tantric temple space...

Have a sweet and fulfilling festive season.

Much love and the fondest of hugs,

Kavida x

.S. Don't forget to 'Like' my page on Facebook :-)

Contact me:  email: kavida@kavidarei.com

                                                                                  Kavida and Roland love you ~ yes, you!!

Kavida Rei - Tantric Sex Goddess

My last newsletter was in the autumn of 2011. That will give you some idea of how busy I've been expanding my tantric universe...
so here is a special, bumper Summer newsletter to make up for it.

Here we go then... Enjoy!
Kavida and Roland, the Richard and Judy of Tantric SexAdventures in TV

One of the maddest things Ro and I have done so far is to agree to go on the telly. We were filmed for a programme called 'How to be Married' for which they captured (or at least attempted to) a day in the life of a tantric couple.

The experience was hilarious and exhausting. It's quite something to have the cameras on you for six hours straight and by the end of the day we weren't making much sense at all - nothing like trying to 'be yourself' in front of a film crew to scramble ones brains. You'll even be able to see us doing our morning Pilates – thrilling stuff!

Miraculously that didn't put us off and we were brought in as tantric sex experts to train up the guys in 'Tool Academy'. They responded pretty well and apart from the occasional heckle they really went for it. I was able to persuade seven, self-conscious twenty-something year olds to strip-dance one at a time for their girlfriend in front of the camera. I now know I can do anything.

Apparently five million viewers will watch us attempting to transmit tantra in a meaningful way to a bunch of young couples who had never even heard the word before.

Of course, we have no control over the final editing process so there's every chance that they'll make us look like a couple of complete nutters, but fingers crossed there'll be enough meaningful moments to turn at least a few viewers on to the awesome power of tantra.

Both of these shows will air in the autumn on Channel 4.

Kavida and Roland teach Tantric Sex
Private Sessions

Ro and I have been together for three years now and have been refining the way we work, honing our sessions into the most liberating and healing journeys.

Our sessions are custom-designed, combining massage, tantric meditations, emotional-release methods, sexual counselling and tantric healing.

Whether it's in our home tantra temple, at a client's house or in our 'tantra tent' at festivals and gatherings we create a sacred temple space in which magic happens every time.

For major life-transforming shifts into the freedom to love fully and joyously, come and see us for a session as soon as possible – before we get too busy with telly work!  More details here: www.kavidarei.com

Kavida in rope bondage
Fifty Shades of Tantric BDSM

With the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey (if you haven't heard of it you're living on another planet!) the whole world has been turned on to the wonders of dominance and submission, spanking and bondage. Twenty million people have read it so far, and it's the fastest selling book of all time. I wish I'd written it, but hey, I've been too busy living it!

The exciting news is that we offer amazing tantric BDSM sessions which range from gentle, novice exploration to advance practices. In a space of love and safety you will be able to explore your dominant side or discover the joys of surrendering into total submission.

You can learn about rope bondage and all sorts of other fetishy delights. Ro is a rope bondage master and can teach a complete beginner in a couple of hours how to create artistic and sensual body harnesses safely and effectively.

Ro and I are highly experienced in the arena of conscious BDSM where yin and yang weave together in perfect harmony. One can heal a lifetime of emotional wounds through tantric BDSM and we love to inspire and guide couples, teaching them the joys of 'switching' between sub and dom.

Contrary to a general misunderstanding, BDSM, if practised with awareness and love is not about power abuse or the self-serving manipulation of others. Far from it. Infused with presence and heart, BDSM becomes a healing ritual where willing participants consensually explore and act out otherwise repressed aspects of their psyche.

If executed with consciousness and openness of heart, coupled with a desire for the profound fulfilment of ones play partner, the ceremonial psychodramas of Tantric BDSM become the very tools for radical transformation. In a game that is informed by the honesty and vulnerability of both submissive and dominant playmates, the sub can be 'met' with total focus and heart-led commitment from the dom.

Conversely, the dom can practise ego-less giving, arising from a desire to 'enlighten' their partner and take them to a place of ecstasy. Although it is difficult to 'come out' and speak about this subject publicly, I have found confidence to do so as a result of the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact I can honestly say that Tantric BDSM is one of the most powerful and deeply healing meditation paths I've come across.

Come and we will show you the ropes, or try your hand at expert erotic spanking. Our role-playing goes deep and is second to none so experience the real thing in safe, sane, and deliciously wicked sessions with us.

Sensual Soirees

In June we ran our thirtieth soiree! We've come a long way since our first soirees three years ago, and we have become a legend. We light up Covent Garden every month and it really is exciting how many cool people have met each other through the soiree scene. Every month we invite a different facilitator to lead our first hour together. The calibre of teachers that have come has been so high, each generously offering their unique dance structures and tantric-style journeys to the always willing group of participants.

Then the party really takes off...

What an adventurous lot we are...we'll try pretty much anything. New men are all screened and briefed (and where necessary, trained) which makes them open, responsive and dedicated to making sure all the Goddesses have a wonderful evening. This makes a truly safe space for women to be able to let their hair down.

The soirees are the best and juiciest fun you can have with your clothes on! 
If you would like to join us, visit
www.sensual-soirees.com to apply, and to all our lovely soiree-ers reading this - we love you.

Trip to Tamera

We are delighted to be visiting the fascinating community of Tamera in Portugal in September with a group of tantrikas from all over the world. World leaders and educators in peaceful and loving communication, Tamera describes itself as 'a political ashram, a modern monastery for compassion with the world, for a contemporary spirituality, for communication with all living beings and for free thinking.'

'A non-violent culture will emerge when humanity succeeds in ending the war between the genders. Tamera gives no ideological answers to these questions but we are looking for new spaces of experience, for truth and insight. Love without jealousy, sexuality free of fear, faith which does not break with escapades, truth and constancy in love, solidarity between women and men and new ways for partnership are the big themes of the "love school" Tamera'.

I'm sure our trip will be blog-worthy.

And on the subject of...

Blogs – my
latest 'Diary of a Tantric Goddess' is all about our incredible trip up north to stay in a Mongolian yurt. 
You can read all about it here:  kavidarei.blogspot.com

As usual we got up to all sorts of trouble, and you can read all about our wild adventures. For the photographers out there, in case you're interested, this rather lovely photo of a Lake District waterfall and exhibitionist water nymph was taken by Ro – not with his posh, top of the range Pentax mind you, but with an iPhone!

Kavida and Roland at the Sacred Grove

Tantra Teaching in Estonia

In October I'm heading to Estonia to teach a women's advanced tantra workshop starting on the evening of the 18th to the 21st, followed by an advanced mixed singles tantra group the following weekend from the Friday to Sunday. For more details please contact me. It's going to be fun and profound, and it would be lovely to see you out there.   You can read more about our tantra work here:  www.tantrateachers.co.uk

Sensual Spirit

Our dating and online community website Sensual Spirit has 1000 members and is the place to go to meet like-minded, sensual souls. We've heard of loads of hot dates, massage buddies, and tantric partners coming together through it, which makes us very happy. We love to keep in touch with Sensual Spirits so write and give us feedback, and do let us know about new friendships and romances you have found. 
If you would like to join us for a jolly good flirt, click here:  www.sensual-spirit.com

Kavida's Sensual SpaSensual Spa

Our intention is to create a truly beautiful tantric spa, or even a chain of them around the world.

Imagine a place where you can go whenever you want, which has a delightful ambience, fantastic spa facilities and you don't have to wear clothes! A place where there isn't an ounce of sleaziness, all the guests are vetted and you can feel free to be utterly yourself – relaxed and happy.

Yes, we have the vision! We also have the builders, designers, architects - the most fantastic team. We just need the money. So...if you are an investor, or know one, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for enjoying my newsletter.
I hear it's going to stop raining next week so we will all be able to go outside and get our kit off at last - hooray!
I can't wait to see you
Love Kavida x

.S. Don't forget to 'Like' my page on Facebook :-)

Contact me:  email: kavida@kavidarei.com or telephone: 07974 211 707

We work in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire - a few stops from London Euston.

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Kavida and the gateway to Tantra initiation

Dear friends,

Despite the weather, I thoroughly enjoyed the summer season, giving massage sessions with Ro at my favourite music festival, road-tripping with my brothers who visited from lands afar, and most importantly of all – getting married. I’m now Roland’s ‘Ol’ Lady’ which feels entirely appropriate. You can click here and read my blog "Facebook - Life online" all about how a girl who swore she’d NEVER marry again, said “Yes”....

Saying yes to life and love is something I teach people to do more of and I’ve listed below some of the events I’m facilitating this Autumn. The reason you’re on my mailing list is because you’re the kind of person who should definitely be there, so come on - dive in!

Hope we see each other soon,
Love Kavida x

I have a new Kavida Rei page on facebook which you can join by clicking here and ‘liking’ it.

Kavida loves you


The private sessions I offer for couples and individuals are profoundly life-enhancing. With the vast experience I have in the fields of tantra and personal development these sessions are infused with wisdom, intuition and love.

Come for counselling and clear blocks that may be stopping you from living an ecstatic and fulfilled life. A four hands tantric massage with Roland and I is the perfect way to discover your true, sensual nature.

Together we also create exciting, custom-designed journeys to initiate you into the magical world of ecstatic tantra and spiritual sex. After a private session you will be motivated to move forward creatively in your life, empowered with the knowledge that you're now on the right path. Liberation comes through awareness and a commitment to becoming free in mind, body and spirit. We have the skill to help you step into freedom.

We love to work with beginners and experienced tantrikas alike. Come and find your true tantric self in a safe and nurturing environment.

Read more about us - click here www.tantrateachers.co.uk


On October 5th I am teaching ‘Sensual Massage’ at Coco de Mer in South Kensington. It is going to be a highly instructive and useful class, with demonstrations and hands-on practise. I attended a couple of salons myself and blogged about them in my usual, no-holds-barred style.
Coco de Mer is a fabulous shop to visit and the classes they hold there are fun and social.   Click here for details and to book places  and click here to read my blogs!


Sensual soirees go from strength to strength and our lovely, womb-like venue in Covent Garden is packed to the rafters every month. These exciting, conscious parties are the perfect opportunity for like-minded souls to meet and share in an alcohol/drug-free zone. Come and join us and get high on the love...The next soiree is on October 14th.  www.sensual-soirees.com
We have created a new group page on facebook for the Soiree community for those who are already a member of our wonderful family, so we can all flirt in peace. Just send me an email to join us - kavida@kavidarei.com or my facebook


Our online dating and social network site is a good place to meet fellow travellers on the path of consciousness. Our members are beautiful beings who are passionate about getting the most out of life and relish sensual pleasures like dance, massage, being in nature, art and music and deep communication. Come aboard and make new friends, lovers, and spiritual explorers.  Click here: www.sensual-spirit.com

Kavida and Roland -Together in love and freedom

Have a wonderful Autumn ...and don't forget to make time to hang out with kindred spirits on the same path... come and love, learn, and play with us!

Come for deep and profound sessions and connect your body with your heart  again -
dive into tantra with us, join our ever-expanding beautiful community - it's all here for you...

 Love Kavida and Roland xx


Sensual Spirit of the Season: Priya Mahtani

Kavida and Roland's masseur
Priya is a divinely sensual goddess who channels cosmic consciousness in the most effortless way and yet has her feet firmly on the ground. She is truly a joy. Priya teaches workshops on love and spirituality and also offers the most divine Lomi Lomi massage.  If you have never experienced Lomi Lomi love space, you haven’t lived.   Click here for Priya's website

Kavida by Roland in the bluebells xx

After a long, dark Winter here in England we certainly needed warming up. Sunshine on the body feels divine.
This Spring newsletter is full of exciting activities to book for in the upcoming months.

Having just returned from a retreat in Scotland (where, miraculously, the sun shone every day) I am full of positivity and passion...here is a little thought :

Life is an ever-changing river. We can either resist the changes by holding on to what we are familiar with or we can let go into the flow and allow the river to take us where it will...

On that note I want to encourage you to take a risk and book for some new adventures!

With all my love,

Kavida x

Kavida loves youSENSUAL SOIREES

Our Winter season was a great success. Each soiree more delicious than the next. We also had a great article written about us in Natural Health magazine.

We have only two more soirees to go before the long Summer break so make sure you come to at least one! After the soiree ends at 11.30 on May 20th we are all going on together as a group to....

Kavida loves youNight of the Senses

This is a wonderful charity event in London, hosted by the inimitable Tuppy Owens.
It's a creative, sexy, colourful night out and we are all going to have a ball.
Join us for both the Sensual Soiree and Night of the Senses with our very special discount tickets!

Email us now to book for this fantastic night on the town!

Kavida loves youTantra Festival at Osho Leela

Roland and I are excited to be holding the Sanctuary space at the tantra festival at Osho Leela in Dorset on June 7th until the 12th and August 9th until the 14th. Many top tantra teachers are facilitating workshops and the two six day events are being offered at a bargain price!

Everyone who is anyone is going to be there, so book your place as soon as possible!

Private Tantra Teaching with Kavida and Roland

Our tantra teaching is perfect for beginners and progresses right through to advanced tantrika levels.
As a practicing tantric couple we guide you in a personal way to a profound understanding of tantra
We have designed this liberating work for small private groups, singles, and loving couples to explore and experience first hand the wonders of living tantra in the modern world.
Dive deep into tantra in our safe and lovingly supportive space.
Walk the path of tantra and become free in mind, body, and spirit.
Read more about us... click here

Sensual Spirit
We have been hearing about some hot dates from some of the members on Sensual Spirit which is great, but we want to let you know that the website is not just for dating, it is a networking site too, with an Events Section where you can keep up with what is going on and also find some cool places to eat, socialise, get healthy, and happy...if you have not visited the site yet, check it out.
...and register if you haven't already:  sensual-spirit.com

Sarita: new work
I want to let you know about an interesting new website called reSource, hosted by some fab friends of mine. At the moment they are promoting Sarita (my beloved tantra teacher) and some of her new groups, and also the sexy Niten (new celebrity chef?), who facilitates retreats for healthy living.

Tantra Retreat in Greece in September
Our lovely friend, the author and teacher Deborah Anapol is facilitating a tantric retreat on the Greek Island of Lesvos in September. This will be a small group and is half full already, so click here and book early. It is going to be a lot of fun, and Ro and I will be there!

Kavida's Blog
My latest blog is up and it's out there!
Click here to be taken into the wild and wacky world I live in. It's alright though, they know me there.

Kavida Sping bunny
Have a wonderful Spring and be happy bunnies. Life can be challenging at times but it helps when you can make time to hang out with kindred spirits on the same path...come and play with us!

Love Kavida and Roland xx


Warm Kavida
Winter 2011 - New Year Yay!


 A Brand New Year and Sunshine on the way Newsletter

I am feeling very positive about the upcoming year. There was so much ‘letting-go’ over the holiday period and the magic of the solstice in particular. Death and rebirth was most definitely the theme.

On that note we have some....

Kavida loves youREALLY GOOD NEWS

Are you sitting down? Take a deep breath...
Roland asked me to marry him and, guess what? I accepted. I’ve never seen such a smile. I thought his face was going to fall off. I’m getting worried now as the smile hasn’t left for a week. It’s such exciting news that I’ve written a whole blog about how (and why) I finally said ‘YES’.   
Kavida's blog link

Kavida loves youJuice

Juice is the unique, holistic party that takes place monthly, in a pretty country setting in Kent. Juice hosts different facilitators each month and I’m delighted to be invited to present a workshop on February 20th called ‘Awakening the Senses’. Join me for excessive doses of fun, deliciousness and sensuality.

To book, contact Lynn Jackson on 07935 466 029 or email: mail@lynn-jackson.co.uk  Tickets are £45 each or £75 for a couple and includes delicious hot vegetarian dinner.


Join us for a luxury spa retreat we’re hosting for singles and couples. There will be lots of treats to choose from, including 5 Rhythms dance, massage, organic food and a HOT party! Croydon Hall is a beautiful venue with a chilled-out atmosphere.

We’re offering women a substantially discounted price! Ring Croydon Hall now on 01984 642 200 or check their website - or mine, by clicking the cherries pic.

Kavida loves you
Books - Tantric Sex, and Ultimate Erotic Massage

This is a reminder about my two books, copies of which have been spotted in bookshops in such far-flung, exotic locations as Trinidad, Byron Bay and Zurich (in German, no less). When I was stuck in front of my computer for ten hours a day, trying not to use ‘ecstasy’ for the hundredth time in a chapter, I never imagined that so many people would get to read my words. ‘Ultimate Erotic Massage’ has the richest content (and the rudest pictures) of any massage book out there and ‘Tantric Sex’ is filled with useful information to help you  either manifest a loving relationship, or enhance the one you’re in. They both make great Valentines pressies.
Find them in your local bookshop like Waterstones, or there's always Amazon here.


I run an online dating and social networking site for sensual souls and lovers of life. I’m looking for somebody who would like to offer a couple of hours a month to find and post upcoming events on the notice board.  Check it out and register if you haven't already:  sensual-spirit.com

Ro and I host monthly events called Sensual Soirees, where lovely people meet, dance, massage, laugh, hug and consume large quantities of chocolate mousse: 

I love sending out these newsletters and I hope you enjoy reading them too. I’m always so busy organising events that the only way most of you can get to see me is by coming to one of the events! It’s a bit of a drag I know, but hey, don’t worry, I’ll be retiring at some point and you can all come and visit me regularly while I sit still in one place, twiddling my thumbs...

Have a warm and sunny Winter 
Make it a fun and sensual time

Love and hugs,
Kavida x

Featured Sensual Spirit of the month

Tuppy OwensTuppy Owens - We all love Tuppy!
Dr. Tuppy Owens is a tireless campaigner for freedom of expression in sexual discourse and practice.

Tuppy is the founder and organiser of the annual, fund-raising Night of the Senses and the associated Erotic Awards. She has authored numerous books and continues to write academic and self-help works. Tuppy founded Outsiders in 1979, an organisation that helps people with social and physical disabilities find partners.

After training as a sex therapist in 1986 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

The Night of the Senses is a fabulous, eclectic and inclusive event which is always surprising and fun. Click to check out her latest party night "Chantilly Lace" here.
Put 30th March in your diary just like mine and I will see you there!

Golden Kavida

October Newsletter

What a wonderful Indian summer we've just had!
It has given me the energy for the season ahead and I have lots of delicious news to share with you.

Kavida loves you
Secret Ceres

I have come across the most amazing remedy for women. You simply must check it out! I’ve written an entertaining and educational blog about this miraculous traditional far-eastern product -  kavidarei.blogspot.com

Kavida loves you
Sensual Soirees

Our next London soiree is on the 22nd October in Covent Garden and I have invited the gorgeous Niraj up from Osho Leela. He teaches Biodanza and he’s going to facilitate an hour of magic for us. That's as well as the magic we always raise with dancing, massage, fun and games and of course, the delicious and naughty choccy desert playtime that gives a new meaning to the word delicious!
Book by emailing me on kavida@kavidarei.com

Kavida loves you
Valentines Spa Retreat Weekend with Kavida

For singles and couples – I’m letting you know about this event early, so that you don’t miss out. If you participate in anything next year it should be Valentine celebration at Croydon Hall in Somerset.

There will be all kinds of dancing, massage, sharing, gourmet, organic, vegetarian food, a fabulous party and of course the wonderful spa. See my website page for more information or go directly to croydonhall.co.uk and don’t hesitate to book!

Kavida loves you
Sensual Spirit

  Our dating and social network site goes from strength to strength and people are meeting, dating, falling in love, exchanging information and getting up to all sorts of sensual mayhem. We are offering a free, six month membership for any woman who signs up in the next month.  Yay!


Kavida loves you HAI Level 1

Roland and I have booked to participate on the Human Awareness Institute’s Level One course called “Miracle of Love”. I’ve heard such good things from so many people about this work -  hai-uk.org.uk This workshop is nearly full but they’re running another donation-only, priceless, three day workshop on July 1st 2011 at Buckland Hall in South Wales.

Kavida loves you
Sacred Sites Tour of India - men needed!

Sarita and a team from the School of Awakening are leading a tour of sacred sites of India in November. Lots of lovely women are booked on this trip which is going to be far more than just a holiday. They’re looking for men to balance things up!  See - schoolofawakening.com

Kavida's Secret CeresThank you for taking the time to read my newsletter.
I'm always touched when people contact me after receiving my mail-outs saying how much they enjoyed them.  Actually, I don't even mind you telling me you don't like 'em, it's just lovely to hear from you :-)

Have a fun and sensually-fulfilling Autumn,
Love and hugs,
Kavida x

Featured Sensual Spirit of the month

Gorgeous TajDeborah Taj Anapol
This extraordinary goddess is so multi-faceted it’s hard to know where to start...She wrote one of my favourite books of all time, “Love Without Limits” and has been a leading light in the polyamory movement for many years. Her new book “Polyamory in the 21st Century” is fascinating and brilliantly written. Deborah facilitates tantra workshops around the world and runs an organic farm in Hawaii. She’s been over here running workshops for the last month, so if you missed her, make sure you’re aware of her next visit by signing up to her newsletter. She is one of the sexiest and most intelligent women you’re likely to meet. www.lovewithoutlimits.com


Welcome to my sensual summer newsletter,

which is coming to you in the middle of a glorious heatwave.

I’m as busy as ever, with fingers in a zillion pies, and I rarely get a day off, but I noticed the other day that there are fewer greys than a year ago, and certainly no more wrinkles, so I must be doing something right...

Here we go then...

Sensual Summer Gathering

Nobody ever wants to go home after a sensual soiree in London, so we decided to throw an all-nighter!

We’ve conjured up a fabulous mini-festival on August 7th and 8th, in beautiful, secluded gardens here in Hertfordshire. (20 mins from Euston or 5 mins from Junction 20 on the M25)

Among the wondrous delights will be a give/receive massage tent, a tantric tipi, tribal drums and firedance bonfire, strawberries and cream (you can be sure it’ll get deliciously messy!) buffet dinner, wild dancing and the best dance music, tantric fun ‘n games...plus much, much more.

Click here www.kavidarei.com for more information.
Contact me kavida@kavidarei.com to book.

My private sessions

It became apparent to me recently that some of you out there aren’t aware of the effective and transformational sessions I offer in bodywork, tantric tutoring, yoni healing, relationship guidance, men’s counselling, chakra balancing and various other healing modalities.

I also wanted to let you know that my gorgeous partner Roland and I have recently created an entirely new form of sensual and healing massage, involving copious amounts of oil and a double mattress covered in a black PVC sheet. Is the mind boggling? Good!

Email me to find out more on kavida@kavidarei.com

Sensual Spirit

With a great deal of passion and vision (and a certain amount of hair-pulling and hysteria) I run a dating and social networking site for like-minded, sensual souls on a journey of self-awareness who desire to connect with other life-loving folk. It’s a lot of fun.

The site also hosts an extensive ‘events’ section which keeps you up to date with what’s hot and happening around the country.
We are currently offering free membership to women if you’re willing to put up a face photo!

Click here to come and join us!  www.sensual-spirit.com

My Books - wot I writed

Tantric Sex is selling all over the world. This means that more people are getting to read about real, modern, applicable tantra as opposed to the nonsense they find on the internet posted by dodgy masseuses who also advertise in phone boxes.

Everyone who’s the slightest bit interested in giving or receiving massage should buy Ultimate Erotic Massage. I’m very proud of this project and happen to think it’s the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow massage book around.

Also, guess what?... my books are now in French, which is very sexy - and in German too, which is ...also sexy!
You can find both books in Waterstones and other leading bookshops everywhere, as well as on Amazon.

My rather raunchy Blog

I have penned a brand new blog and it’s a good one for chocolate lovers in particular. It's even naughtier than the last one!

Let's all have a wonderful, loving, open hearted, sensual summer.

Sending you love from sunny Hertfordshire. Virtual communication is not quite the same as a hug in real life, so I hope to see you in the flesh somewhere soon.

Big love and smoochy kisses
Kavida xx

Featured Sensual Spirit of the month

A very dear friend of mine, Simon Mitchell whom I’ve known since our college days at Dartington, is doing some wonderful things in the world, which is quite a feat as he lives in the middle of the Cornish countryside, and doesn’t drive! He manages to convey his incredible wisdom about ‘green living’ through the Internet in the most impressive and creative ways. Simon grows herbs, fruit and vegetables and sources food from the wild. He photographs and writes about plants and all sorts of recipes. Simon also runs an online publishing company and can help you publish your own writing. He’s a truly inspirational man. Visit him on www.simon-mitchell.com and www.simonthescribe.co.uk.
And make sure you buy his book ‘Secrets of The Green Kitchen’ 

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