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Tantra BDSM ~ Kavida Rei ~ fifty shades of tantric sex

Tantra BDSM

Kavida in bondage like fifty shades of grey

Tantra BDSM



With the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey (if you haven't heard of it you're living on another planet!) the whole world has been turned on to the wonders of dominance and submission, spanking and bondage. Twenty million people have read it so far, and it's the fastest selling book of all time. I wish I'd written it, but hey, I've been too busy living it!

The exciting news is that I offer amazing tantric BDSM sessions which range from gentle, novice exploration to advance practices. In a space of love and safety you will be able to explore your dominant side or discover the joys of surrendering into total submission.

You can learn about rope bondage and all sorts of other fetishy delights. My tantric partner Ro is a rope bondage master and can teach a complete beginner in a couple of hours how to create artistic and sensual body harnesses safely and effectively.

I am highly experienced in the arena of conscious BDSM where yin and yang weave together in perfect harmony. One can heal a lifetime of emotional wounds through tantric BDSM and we love to inspire and guide couples, teaching them the joys of 'switching' between sub and dom.

Contrary to a general misunderstanding, BDSM, if practised with awareness and love is not about power abuse or the self-serving manipulation of others. Far from it. Infused with presence and heart, BDSM becomes a healing ritual where willing participants consensually explore and act out otherwise repressed aspects of their psyche. If executed with consciousness and openness of heart, coupled with a desire for the profound fulfilment of ones play partner, the ceremonial psychodramas of Tantric BDSM become the very tools for radical transformation.

In a game that is informed by the honesty and vulnerability of both submissive and dominant playmates, the sub can be 'met' with total focus and heart-led commitment from the dom. Conversely, the dom can practise ego-less giving, arising from a desire to 'enlighten' their partner and take them to a place of ecstasy. Although it is difficult to 'come out' and speak about this subject publicly, I have found confidence to do so as a result of the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact I can honestly say that Tantric BDSM is one of the most powerful and deeply healing meditation paths I've come across.

Come to me and I will show you the ropes, or try your hand at expert erotic spanking. My role-playing goes deep and is second to none so experience the real thing in safe, sane, and deliciously wicked sessions with us.
  • Learn true power through the act of submission
  • Learn to love passionately by taking the dominant role
  • Explore the healing and therapeutic power of ‘switching’
  • Learn the fine art of rope bondage work
  • Discover the joy of spanking
  • Find spiritual bliss through sensory deprivation.

Take a risk, dropping any prejudices and preconceived ideas and dive into the darkside of tantra, exploring the underworld of bondage, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

Open to the magical and mystical inherent in conscious BDSM.

Introduce the spiritual aspect of tantra into your BDSM play and expand your capacity for love, connection and bliss.

"We were amazed how much we learned about BDSM in your session and how much fun we had together" - Mary and Peter  Kavida is a qualifed tantric healer, highly experienced in creating a harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit within the context of BDSM scene playing.

Incorporating massage, meditation, a variety of communication techniques and rituals involving dominance and submission they will guide you on a journey of intensity and pleasure, giving space for the full expression of your true nature to be revealed.

Take your relationship to the next level by deepening trust between each other through conscious BDSM play. When BDSM is practised with awareness it holds the greatest potential for healing and liberation.

“In the power play between dom and sub we have a direct experience of the exquisite friction between the opposing forces of yin and yang. It is time to embrace the differences between us as men and women. Only with true acceptance can transformation occur” KR