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Tantra Therapies

Couples Tantra Sessions

- Transform your relationship
- Clear blockages to intimacy
- Create more fun in your life together
- Discover the power of tantric meditation
- Learn the art of erotic massage
- Bring harmony to the partnership through conscious breathing practices.

In these sessions I teach methods for better communication and deeper intimacy between partners. We also focus on empowering personal creativity within the relationship.

This is far more than conventional sex therapy or traditional couples counselling. Tantra helps you transform your relationship in a long-lasting and profoundly impactful way.

Most of the problems in relationships stem from poor communication. When you committ to finding new ways to speak and listen to each other you will immediately begin to notice a deepening of intimacy and a greater understanding of yourself and your partner.

It is not just talking and listening that creates the real breakthroughs. When couples learn to touch and tune into each other with awareness and sensitivity, miracles happen and real communication begins.

Tantric meditations, sensual massage, breathing techniques, finding new ways to touch and relate to each other – all of these methods will lead to true transformation, revitalising your relationship.

Contact Kavida now by email: kavida@kavidarei.com