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Tantra Therapies

Counselling for Men

- Become more sexally self-confident
- Heal past relationship wounds
- Learn how to fall in love without losing yourself
- Learn more effective ways of getting your needs met in relationship and in life generally.
- Free yourself from guilt
- Learn how to use your sexual energy to manifest success

This is a unique form of sex counselling for men.
Kavida has worked with men for nearly twenty years and is expert in creating a space in which they can dive deep, exploring their full, masculine potential. 

“My heart leapt as I entered Kavidas world of fun, sensitivity and acceptance. She is a special spirit, full of love, affection and a deep understanding of how the sensual soul works. She uses that knowledge and her intuition as an alchemist transmuting the energy into feelings of great joy and love. As you can tell I was on cloud nine when I left and still am, when I think of my hour with her, it was a unique experience.” Nigel Ragg

Under Kavida’s expert facilitation and nurturing approach, clients find themselves able to venture into previously-uncharted inner territories of the ‘bodymind’. Kavida creates a safe environment in which men somehow find it easy to share about intimate sexual and relationship issues. A session with Kavida brings awareness and resolution, clearing the way for a richer and more rewarding experience of sex, relationships and life in general.

Kavida has an inherent ability to guide men towards  a deeper understanding of their own spiritual and sexual nature and takes great delight in empowering them to access their own, true sexual power.

"Working with Kavida is fun - really it’s more guided play.  Her intuition is strong and clear.  Kavida gently exercised my awareness helping me to grow.  It felt safe since she recognised my boundaries and was clear about her own. Walking a pathway with Kavida is a pleasure and a delight."