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Kavida Rei Dating Site

www.sensual-spirit.com is a vibrant dating and social networking website for singles, couples, polyamorists and beyond... This unique dating site is for sensual adventurers interested in meditation, dance, tantra, eco-lifestyle, massage and everything to do with healthy, happy, loving, connected living.


Sensual Soirees are parties with heart.

Come to a soiree for the best music, tantra games, and meet loving, sensual people. Let your hair down and have a fabulous and fun night out without drugs or alcohol. Dance, massage, hugs, delicious food and beautiful connections. www.sensual-soirees.com

Kavida Rei Notice Board

The notice board is where you can find out about upcoming events related to tantra, personal development and spiritual growth.

Check the notice board to find out where I’ll be facilitating workshops, speaking and signing books.

“Keep the spirit of community alive”